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Updated Mini Review of The Fifty Tights by Heist

The Fifty tights by Heist

The Fifty are the bestseller at Heist!


The Fifty are 50-denier tights.

They are made with luxurious double-covered yarn - 88% polyamide, 12% elastane - up to UK size 12-14, and 80% polyamide and 20% elastane in UK size 16 (waist 33"-37") and larger.

Colour range

The Fifty is available in two colours: Jet Black and Fig.

Our reviews have been based on the Jet Black version.

Size options

The Fifty tights are currently available in seven sizes:

Waist: 22"-23" / UK size 4

Waist 23"-25" / UK size 6-8

Waist 26"-28" / UK size 10

Waist 29"-32" / UK size 12-14

Waist 33"-37" / UK size 16-18

Waist 38"-42" / UK size 20-22

Waist 43"-48" / UK size 24

The wide range of sizes is excellent news for men.

As we have previously written in our complete guide for men buying Heist tights, the way Heist tights are designed means that waist measurements are the most important aspect for men to get right, rather than height measurements.


  • Low waistband: £20.00 
  • High waistband: £22.00 
Fit and wearing experience

You can read our original review of The Fifty from May 2016 here. For the original review I trialled The Fifty with a High waistband in Heist's previous (and no longer available) Large size. The yarn in this version was 88% Polyamide and 12% Elastane.

This version was seamless, with no centre seam in the brief/body. There was no conventional gusset, although in the gusset area there was a rectangular flat-stitched reinforcement to provide strength and flexibility.

Back in 2016 our comments included:

  • Luxuriously soft to touch and a quite exceptional feel on the skin. 
  • Completely matte with hardly any sheen. 
  • A High waistband that stretched comfortably onto and over the waist and gripped quite firmly, almost like a control top. 
  • Generous leg length. 
  • A superbly comfortable wearing experience. 
  • Consistent and even opaque coverage. 
  • Breathable even on warm days. 
In this updated mini review, I wore them in the UK 16-18 size - 33"-37" waist. This current version benefits from a higher 20% elastane content.

The current version of The Fifty has some significant improvements as well as some minor changes:

  • The High waistband is slightly deeper.
  • The reinforcement stitching in the crotch area is slightly wider, providing more strength, flexibility and durability in this area.
  • The stitching that attaches the the waistband to the legs is wider and stronger
  • There is no Heist label sewn into the rear of the waistband 

The current version of The Fifty is noticeably more comfortable than the earlier version I trialled in 2016, and provides a better wearing experience. The key factors underpinning this assessment are:

  • The knitting technique appears to have been improved, making the tights even more smooth and stretchy. 
  • The higher elastane content in sizes above 33"-37" waist. 
  • The High waistband is more stretchy and less tight on the waist and abdomen. There was definitely no "control top" feeling in this new version. 
  • The tights are much more comfortable for the male anatomical area with more room and slightly less tightness. 
  • Slightly denser opacity on the leg. 

Our verdict

It was really good to be able to try the current version of The Fifty and make a comparison with the earlier version we reviewed three years ago.

The current version is a significant improvement in terms of fit, comfort, flexibility and durability.

Heist recommend that when choosing your size that you pay attention to your waist size. I followed this advice when choosing the 33"-37" waist size, and the fit was perfect. If you get this aspect right, the waistband will be the correct size and give you the stretch and support you need. Leg length is perfect as Heist tights stretch so well.

The Fifty are the perfect opaque tights for cool weather. The generous sizing options mean that almost all men are likely to get a good fit if they follow the sizing rules. That means go with waist size gents!

Highly recommended.

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