Thursday, 21 June 2012

Spotlight on Philippe Matignon

I have reviewed two styles of Philippe Matignon tights at Hosiery For Men. Philippe Matignon tights are made in Italy and have a deserved reputation for quality.

I was impressed with the two styles I reviewed:

The Revitalise 70 support tights and the Dorella 40 semi-opaque tights.

I am now pleased to publish a longer feature on Philippe Matignon. I recently interviewed Maytal Sharifi, Brand Consultant at Revival Brands who are the distributors of Philippe Matignon in the US.

Can you provide Hosiery for Men readers with some background information about the Philippe Matignon brand? 

Philippe Matignon is an international leader in luxury hosiery designed and manufactured in Italy. Philippe Matignon’s unique aesthetic and extensive collection offers a variety of tights, sheers, and opaques in a range of colors and textures. Built on Italian heritage, PM is distributed in over 2,100 specialty stores, Goldenpoint stores and department chains internationally. Our motto is that we’re bringing the US Market accessible luxury at premier quality.

You recently opened a US-based web store. Has this increased awareness of the Philippe Matignon brand?
Our e-commerce shop has added tremendous brand awareness. Customers that have travelled abroad and bought the brand are now able to purchase it in the states. We’re seeing customers placing their second and third orders which also means they are spreading the gospel! 

There has been a huge amount of media coverage of 'mantyhose' (tights and pantyhose for men) in recent months, with some brands, such as Emilio Cavallini, now marketing tights as unisex. Is Philippe Matignon aware of this trend and how are they responding to it?
We are fully aware of the trend and always look to cater to many different demographics. The “mantyhose” consumer has been very loyal to Philippe Matignon and we now are adding more large sizes and shapewear tights to the collection.

Are Philippe Matignon aware that men are purchasing their hosiery? Are they actively aiming to increase men's awareness of their products? 

Our team is fully aware of our male consumers, especially after your blog! Since we have recently launched in the US, we are focusing in increasing awareness on all fronts - male and female. Our goals are to have the brand be sold in at least 1,000 boutiques and create national awareness that includes both men and women.

Are there any particular styles that are selling well with male customers?
The All Day 15 and All Day 50 have sold well with male customers. They are both unique shaping tights offering strong compression and yet designed with luxury material for comfort. 

Are there any Philippe Matignon tights or pantyhose that you would particularly recommend for men? 

The All Day 15 and All Day 50 are fabulous for both men and women! I would also recommend Slimette Charme, our tight designed to suck in the stomach and give your butt a great shape.

What developments can we expect in the future at Philippe Matignon? 

We are looking to officially launch lingerie for Spring 2013. Philippe Matignon is currently offering a small sampling of the collection on to gage the US reaction. So far the response has been great and we look forward to adding another lifestyle component to the brand.

Maytal, thanks for speaking to Hosiery For Men. It's good to hear that the brand is aware of male customers and you are planning to increase the range of larger sizes available.


  1. I can attest to the quality of Philippe Matignon tights. I had purchased a few pair pursuant to an online coupon (actually, had enough to purchase a few pair of tights for me - Noblesse 50 - and a few pair of stockings for my wife). In a word - awesome. Fit was awesome, feel was awesome and durability, so far, is awesome. I will definitely be purchasing more in the future. Probably the only negative was the sizing; I wish there were more XLs in some of the products. However, I get the impression, from this posting, that that may change.

  2. Hi ChicagoHose. I haven't tried to the Noblesse 50, but they sound good. Regarding larger sizing, my impression is that a much wider selection of Philippe Matignon tights are available in XL, than is currently available in their US Store. In Spain, all branches of the El Corte Ingles department store have an impressive Philippe Matignon display and nearly all of the styles are available in the 5-XL size. But as you have notes, they are planning to stock more XL sizes in the US Store.

  3. The All Day 15 is probably the best pantyhose I have ever tried on. The quality and fit are excellent.