Thursday, 19 May 2016

Real Men Wear Tights: Spotlight on BalletBoyz

BalletBoyz are an award-winning independent dance company based in the UK.

We recently caught up with Georgette who works with the company and we are really pleased to publish this feature.

Can you tell us about BalletBoyz?

Michael Nunn and William Trevitt Co-Artistic Directors – BalletBoyz Michael and Billy met at the Royal Ballet Upper School and joined the Royal Ballet together in 1987. During their twelve years at The Royal Ballet between them they danced many of the Principal roles. In 2000 they co-founded BalletBoyz They danced all over the world for ten years and won numerous awards and accolades working with leading dancers, choreographers and designers.

Apart from your productions, what else does BalletBoyz offer?

BalletBoyz runs host of education programmes: a Dancer’s Course, Intensive workshops, a Parkinson’s Can Dance class for people suffering with Parkinsons disease, and inclusive classes for young people with disabilities. We are about to launch a new online Dance teaching tool Moovbank and release our first every feature film: Young Men. Plus we have produced numerous Dance Films, made television programmes and we are presenting Frame: The London Dance Film Festival in June 2016.

What are your current shows?

Life. is on tour in the UK at the moment, and will be touring again in the autumn. We will also be performing a one off “All The Best Bits” show at the Rose Theatre in June 12th as part of Frame Film Festival #Framefilmfest.

In publicity for BalletBoyz but also in your merchandise, you frequently use the slogan “Real Men Wear Tights”. Can you tell us why you adopted this?

We wanted to counter the perception that Ballet isn’t for Boyz. Men can be amazing, strong, graceful dancers and we can definitely rock a pair of tights!

One of our dancers Bradley Waller has recently told of his early dance experiences, which involved him choosing a career in ballet and quickly ending up in a pair of tights!

“Before I knew it I had tights on, I had ballet shoes on and I was in the studio.”

Do you feel that this openness and pride in wearing tights at BalletBoyz might help reduce some of the stigma that still exists about men wearing them?

Absolutely! The Boyz are proof that men can wear tights, dance beautifully in them and wow their audiences every performance.

Tights were originally worn by men. In recent years they are clearly becoming popular again - for their comfort and practicality, as well as a fashion trend (such as in the catwalk shows of Armani, Givenchy, Prada, agnès b and others). Do you see this trend continuing, and tights for men becoming more mainstream? 

David Beckham wore a sarong, men’s beauty products are now mainstream, the man bag is a thing – we think it could happen!

To men thinking about trying tights, what would you say are the main benefits of wearing them?

Comfort, ease of movement, warmth, flexibility and they make certain everyone can see your physique!

What will BalletBoyz be doing next?

We are looking forward to our autumn tour of Life #LifeBalletBoyz. We will also be releasing the film version of our World War One show Young Men.

How can people find out more about BalletBoyz?

Go onto our website, if you are really keen do sign up to our newsletter. Or find us on Facebook or Twitter.

Thanks for speaking to Hosiery For Men Georgette. I hope readers of the blog will enjoy reading about BalletBoyz and also knowing that real men do wear tights!

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