Monday, 29 August 2016

Guest review: Falke Pure Shine 15 Tights

We are really pleased to have a new guest reviewer at Hosiery For Men! Faria, a business entrepreneur, has just sent us her review of the Falke Pure Shine 15 Tights, a sample of which was kindly supplied by UK Tights.

This is the first review we have publish by a female reader of the blog. We have many women who enjoy reading our hosiery reviews here and welcome more female guest reviewers.


What a delight to receive the Falke tights!

The packaging was nice and normal, nothing fiddly, having cut myself on boxes before. With a card inside to keep everything in place and wrapped around this were the silkiest tights ever. I ran my hands through them and didn't find them to be rough or itchy. The card inside actually had a 4-step guide on how to put them on properly, I thought that a bit odd but really, was most impressed as I hadn't realised that I wasn't putting them on incorrectly, who knew!

Material and features

Falke describe these tights as follows:

"The new era of transparency - FALKE Pure Shine 15 gives an elegant sheen, delicate sheerness and a fine mesh structure. The innovative material composition with high moisture-absorption rate and particularly soft grip gives a high degree of comfort. The hygienic net gusset in sizes S–L and comfort gusset in sizes XL–XXL, the high-quality soft-seam finish and durable toe with comfortable soft-seam are some of the best features."

The Falke Pure Shine 15 Tights are made with 89% Polyamide and 11% Elastane.

There is a gusset so that 'delicate' area is reinforced if you will. Really helps if you have dry hands and not having moisturised your legs (ie with lotion on your hands - a no no!).

Fit and sizing

The Falke Pure Shine 15 Tights are available in five sizes at UK Tights:

  • Small 
  • Medium 
  • Large 
  • XL 
  • XXL 

I tested the L size which fitted me perfectly.

Colour range

The Falke Pure Shine 15 Tights are available in five colours at UK Tights:

  • Black 
  • Marine 
  • Brenda 
  • Powder 
  • Crystal 

I tested the Crystal shade.

Price and availability

The Falke Pure Shine 15 Tights are priced at £12.99 at UK Tights.


I would recommend these sexy tights not just because of the luxurious feel but they do make your legs look rather slim owing to the 'shine' in them'. I have worn shiny tights before and that 'gold' look isn't always a winner but in this case - YES PLEASE!

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