Monday, 29 August 2011

Update on Adrian tights for men

I have already featured the new range of men's tights made by Adrian in Poland. The 100 denier footless tights have now been renamed as Legginsy Megginsy. They previously were named 'Hunter'.

These tights are made with 92% Polyamide and 8% Lycra. At the moment they are only available in Black in two sizes: S/M and L/XL.

I am really looking forward to trying these, especially as it seems cooler autumn weather is already with us in London.

Am also hoping to get more information about the range from Adrian as, as you can see, the site is only available in Polish. By the way, I have learnt this week that in Polish, tights are called 'rajstopy'. That might be useful if I ever travel there!


  1. Hi,

    Here at Legwear4Men, we are expecting to receive the new men's range from Adrian into stock in the next week or two; details on our blog site here.

    We will be the first to stock them. One point; we have corrected Adrain on their use of the term 'Leggings' (there is of course, no such thing as 'Meggings'); they don't actually manufacture any leggings, male or otherwise - their products are footless tights. This is a common mistake amongst manufacturers whose first language is not English, and quite a few who do have English as their first language!

    PS you should change the title of your blog; most of the tights you feature are actually women's, and not 'hosiery for men' at all!

  2. Hi Bozeman 1941

    Thanks for the information on the Adrian tights. Great that there is a UK retailer for them.

    Regarding the title of the blog. Well, I am happy with it as in my experience many tights made for women are perfectly adequate for me and the sizing and fit is often excellent if you choose with care. Also, the quality is often better than tights that are specifically made for men, although there are some brands for men that are really excellent such as Gerbe and Doyeah. It is also great than many manufacturers are now designing and marketing tights for men. I really welcome that trend.

    I am also aware that for many tights retailers in the UK, such as Tights Please and UK Tights, a significant percentage of customers are men, so they must be satisfied on one level with the products they are purchasing.

    In my experience, brands such as Falke, Wolford and Charnos make very good tights indeed and I have been quite satisfied with them.

  3. Hi again,

    I'm afraid I would have to disagree with you over the title of your blog; no matter how much you might want it to be the case that the garments you are describing are 'for men', the majority of the hosiery you are reporting on are women's, plain and simple; they are not 'for men' by any stretch of the imagination. Your title is deceptive, as when I first came across it, I expected from the title that it would be about hosiery for men (of which there are plenty available; we stock most of them!); when in fact, 90% of it is not - it is about hosiery which are clearly and exclusively made for women. Now, you might be happy to wear them, but that does not make them 'for men', any more than you wearing a bra (and I am not saying that you do!) would make that garment 'for men'. You see the distinction? By all means, call it 'Hosiery I like to wear' or some such; but one thing it is not about (for the most part) is 'hosiery for men'; that is a complete misnomer, and totally wrong.

    I would also have to disagree with your comment that 'the quality (of women's tights) is often better than tights that are specifically made for men'. In our many years of experience in this field, we have found the complete opposite to be true; the majority of women's tights are not nearly as well-made as those made for men, and certainly do not have the range of sizes, the durability or fit/comfort that those made for men have, at least on men, anyway.

    Regarding other online resellers of women's hosiery, the fact that they sell a lot of women's tights to men, still does not make the products 'for men'; it just means there are either a lot of men who don't know they can now get tights which are made specifically for them, or they don't care, or (scary thought) they actually want to wear women's tights because they are made for women. Bear in mind, none of the other retailers you mention sell any men's tights, and any idiot can put a page on a web site and call it 'Tights for men' and put anything they like on that page; it STILL does not mean they are 'for men'. People (particularly potential male wearers) need to be aware of the distinction - it is paramount to the acceptance by the general public of legwear and hosiery as a suitable garment for men; that will never happen as long as any old hosiery is worn by men. The public will just view it as an excuse for men to wear women's clothes, and dismiss the practice as cross-dressing.

    Trust me; I speak from long experience with thousands of customers worldwide.


  4. Well, respectfully, I think we will have to agree to disagree.

    It's clear to me (also from 'long experience') that several brands of tights made for women are of brilliant quality - no-one can say that Wolford and Falke are not great quality and not suitable for men. No way is that 'any old hosiery'!

    I don't have any hang-ups at all about them being made for women. And reading forums such as LAUF, it is clear that there are loads of men who also wear tights made for women.

    For the vast majority of men who wear tights It's got nothing to do with cross-dressing. I wear the tights I buy because I like them and they are comfortable. Some of them are men's tights and some of them are made for women.

    And by the way, the reseller UK Tights sells men's tights: Gerbe and woMan.

    In this blog I do plan to feature both men's tights and women's. I hope most readers will be happy with that.

  5. Please please keep reviewing women's tights...

    I mostly wear M&S tights and i am very convinced by the comfort and fit that they are unisex..

    At the end of the day... If you are out in public wearing a pair of tights... They all look like women's

  6. May i add..
    Just have a look at this video by PP

    A man looking great in PP tights... It would be great to review some Henry Hollands here..

  7. Carl - I plan to review both women's tights and tights made specifically for men. I agree that some M&S tights are really comfortable and fit very well. Thanks for your support.