Tuesday, 30 August 2011

What I am wearing today

Looks like Autumn is here early in London - it's 14 and really quite chilly. So decided on some trusted Charnos 60 denier opaque tights. Colour: Navy. Size: Large

I bought these tights a couple of years ago and they are still wearing well.

For the price they are great value and I can see why they are a bestseller for Charnos.

I see the Charnos also have a range of 100 denier opaque tights as well now in a range of colours. Must try those some time.

Available from: Tights Please, UK Tights and other retailers.


  1. The 100 denier ones are ok for the winter, but a bit warm under trousers for warmer weather. They are noticeably thicker than the 60d ones, not surprisingly, but are also much less stretchy. Very opaque, and more matt than the 60d ones. I'm at the top end of sizing for the XL, the 60d ones will stretch nicely, but the 100d ones do slip down a bit. The brown ones are a nice chocolatey shade. I prefer the 60d ones, and have several colours. I regularly wear with shorts, even in the English winter, even with snow on the ground.

    Nice site, hope you can keep it going. I'll be checking in regularly.

  2. Thanks Nick. Your support is appreciated and also the helpful comments on the 100 denier Charnos tights.

  3. Hi,

    yes it's getting cooler, I hope it warms up again so I can get another day out in tights and shorts, probably passing through London this time, will keep an eye out for you ;-).

    Keep in touch