Thursday, 11 December 2014

Reviewed: Falke Lhasa Men's Wool and Cashmere Socks

Luxury Legs sent Hosiery For Men a pair of the Falke Lhasa Men's Wool and Cashmere Socks to trial and review.

Hopefully Hosiery For Men readers will now be aware that Luxury Legs also stock a range of high quality men's socks in addition to their impressive range of tights and other legwear from top brands.

Luxury Legs describe the Falke Lhasa socks as:

'Supremely comfortable Ankle Socks made from soft cashmere combined with high-quality merino wool.'

Material and features
The Falke Lhasa Men's Wool and Cashmere Socks are made from 33% Wool and 27% Viscose, 20% Cashmere and 20% Polyamide.

They are made in Germany.

Packaging and presentation is simple but elegant: The socks are held together with a card buckle. This is fastened with a cotton stitch that needs to be cut off and removed carefully to avoid damaging the socks.

The rear of the card buckle provides detailed product and sizing information.

First impressions are really positive: these socks feel extremely soft, but are also quite light. They are definitely not ultra thick and heavy socks that one might wear with hiking books for example

The socks, as can be seen, are shaped to the dimensions of the foot.

The heel, toe and sole are knit in a plain style in comparison to the thick ribbed appearance of the rest of the socks. The heel and toe are reinforced.

The top of the socks is knitted in a much finer ribbed style.

The sole of one sock is stamped with the Falke brand logo and the words 'LHASA' and 'WOOL - CASHMERE - MIX'.

Sizing and fit
The Falke Lhasa Men's Wool and Cashmere Socks are available in two sizes:

  • UK shoe size 6-8; EU 39-42
  • UK shoe size 9-11; EU 43-46
I tested the socks in the 9-11 UK size (US 9.5 - 12).

(Note that the packaging indicates that the socks fit UK size 8.5 - 11)

Fit was excellent. My feet are actually 10.5 UK size, and quite wide, but this style fitted comfortably without any additional stretching.

The wool/cashmere mix is wonderfully soft and luxurious.

Colour range
The Falke Lhasa Men's Wool and Cashmere Socks are available in six different colours:

  • Black 
  • Light Grey Mele
  • Dark Navy
  • Berry
  • Barolo
  • Nutmeg Mele
I tested the Dark Navy shade. The other available colours are shown below.

Price and availability

The Falke Lhasa Men's Wool and Cashmere Socks are priced at £16.00.

This is the second pair of socks we have reviewed from Luxury Legs, following our review of
the Doré Doré Evolution Men's Harlequin Reinforced Merino Wool Socks.

I am aware that there is currently something of a trend developing, certainly in the UK, towards high quality and luxury men's socks. For example, these recent pieces from The Guardian on Sock Club London and Falke luxury socks. Could it be that stylish, high quality men's socks are becoming hip and fashionable.

If so, then Luxury Legs is certainly one of the places to start looking. The range of men's socks is really impressive, and there is a wide selection of Falke styles.

I love these Falke wool and cashmere socks. I am a massive fan of Falke tights and these socks confirm that Falke pays as much attention to design and detail to their socks as to their tights and other legwear.

I know it will be cliched to say it, but I would be more than happy to receive Falke socks for Christmas.

Thanks Luxury Legs for providing the sample.

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  1. It's definitely not cliche...even I would be happy to get them for christmas. They look so warm and cozy....I especially like the berry colour!

    I love your reviews, very informative ❤

    Hope you have a lovely weekend!

    Kay x | Tights and Ladders