Friday, 22 April 2016

Interview with Jeffrey Scott Part 2

Jeffrey Scott is a designer who creates form-fitting tights that are designed for a man's body and made of specially chosen fabrics.

We recently spoke to Jeffrey and you can still read Part 1 of our interview.

In the second and final part of our interview Jeffrey discusses the types of fabrics he uses, the styles popular with customers and the benefits of tights for men.

You offer a wide range of fabrics and designs at Jeffery Scott. Can you tell us more about the Antimicrobial and Milliskin fabrics?
Antimicrobial fabrics inhibit the growth of bacteria within your sweat. Bacteria is what causes your sweat to smell, but also promotes chafing. Bamboo has natural antimicrobial properties. My P-600 fabric has an antimicrobial finish added to the fabric that inhibits the growth of bacteria. Both of these fabrics are excellent at combating bacteria growth and chafing.

Milliskin is a staple in the spandex world. It is comfortable, has great stretch, can be dyed any color imaginable, and it can be digitally printed with any picture. When most people think of spandex they are imagining milliskin. It is used in dancewear, swimwear, sportswear, Hollywood costumes, fetish-wear, and fashion. Milliskin has become the go-to fabric for a reason; it is comfortable, inexpensive and versatile. My personal milliskin tights are my go-to tights. They are like my little black dress, but in every color.

Which styles are particularly popular with your customers?
Right now the Hologram Waves, Black Milliskin, and Black Snake are my best selling fabrics, but it changes monthly. I release a new fabric each week. Sometimes they are very popular, and sometimes they fade in popularity until I discontinue them. Hologram Waves and Black Milliskin are here to stay, for sure.

Among tights, trunks and shorts, tights are my biggest seller. That may be due to the season though. I’m interested to see how trunks and shorts sell this summer.

What do you see as the benefits of men wearing tights?
Aside from the fact that compression aids muscle recovery the right tights can add range of motion, moisture management, comfort, support, and a range of other benefits that aren’t science, but known to tights wearers. It may not be science, but my whole attitude can change when I look at my legs and see great colors.

And guys, let’s face it; confidence is sexy. Wearing tights confidently will get you admiring looks from men and women.

There has been a lot of media coverage of tights for men in recent years. What are your thoughts about the greater visibility these days of men buying and wearing tights?
I feel like many guys recognize the benefits of wearing compression in and out of the gym. I also feel like many of them are afraid to wear them. If tights are more visible then they become more accepted. The guys afraid to wear them will begin feeling more comfortable and being themselves. I’m a fan of that.

Thanks Jeffrey for speaking to Hosiery For Men. I am sure readers will enjoy reading this interview and I hope they go on to check the wide selection of men's tights in both solid fabrics and prints available for order on the Jeffrey Scott website.

You can also connect with Jeffrey Scott on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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