Monday, 25 July 2016

Adrian men's tights now available at Activskin

Activskin, the US based men's hosiery brand and retailer, have started to stock men's tights from the Polish brand Adrian.

As a first step Activskin are stocking the "Street" style:

"Adrian is well known in Europe for its fine quality and economic pricing. We are pleased to make it available in the US. Their style called "Street" is a wonderfully sheer-to-the-waist pantyhose for men. It has no fly, but it does have a male-comfort front panel that is sheer and leaves nothing to imagination. The seams are sewn flat, as they do in Europe, and the garment is extremely comfortable. The surface is fairly matte, making this style good for stealth wearing with shorts. Europeans use denier (yarn weight) as way of indicating sheerness, and this product is 20 den, which means it is a typical sheer hosiery fabric."

The "Street" tights/pantyhose retail for $9.99.

More Adrian styles will be in stock soon.

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