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Reviewed: Oroblu Lady Form 20 Tights

Love Your Legs is a new tights and hosiery online retailer.

Love Your Legs is a new and up coming tights and hosiery online retailer. We recently published our interview with Claire from Love Your Legs.

Love Your Legs have kindly sent us a pair of the Oroblu Lady Form 20 Tights to review for Hosiery For Men readers.


The Oroblu Lady Form 20 Tights packaged simply, although the overall effect is quite classy and elegant. It seems that Oroblu have changed their design recently and this new version is really successful.

The tights are folded are folded around a plain card rectangle. This is then enclosed cellophane sleeve before enclosed in the card envelope that serves as the outer packaging.

Material and features

The Oroblu Lady Form 20 Tights are made in Italy. The tights are described as follows:

"Sheer extra-large tights, tailor made for a perfect fit. Big gusset, flat seams invisible under clothing. Resistant toe."
The tights are made from 84% Polyamide and 16% Elastane.

They feel very soft to the touch.

They are not sheer to waist but have a quite clearly demarcated brief/panty that looks more like 40 denier in appearance.

Seams are flat throughout. The tights are
 fully boarded.

The brief is deep and super stretchy and the 4cm wide waistband is designed to sit quite high if needed.

They do not have a conventional gusset but a rear panel (which Oroblu call a "big gusset")

Toes are rounded with reinforcement.

Fit and sizing

The Oroblu Lady Form 20 Tights are specifically designed for people with a fuller figure.

Oroblu state that the legs are 20% larger than normal tights.

They are available in four sizes:

  • II Maxi
  • III Maxi
  • IV Maxi 
  • V Max
We tested them in the V Maxi size.

The fit was very good indeed. The 16% Elastane in the yarn provides a wonderful close fit on the leg and gives the tights an even, smooth appearance.

The tights have a nice sheen, but are not overly shiny. Glide under trousers is perfect. With shorts they will give the legs a bronzed, tan appearance.

Leg length was fine and the brief was nice and roomy.

The overall wearing effect is one of comfort and wellbeing, with the high Elastane content providing moderate compression.

Colour range

Love Your Legs stocks the Oroblu Lady Form 20 Tights in two colours: Black and Sun.

We tried the Sun shade, a medium tan.

Price and availability

Love Your Legs sell the Oroblu Lady Form 20 Tights for £9.95.


The Oroblu Lady Form 20 Tights are designed and marketed for people with a "curvy" figure who need tights with a more generous construction.

These tights might have a woman on the packaging (and be named "Lady Form") but they are actually perfect for men and they include a lot of features that provide us with a great fit and wearing experience:

  • Generous sizing options
  • More room in the brief and thigh area
  • A comfortable rear panel
Quality is excellent and as bonus the Lady Form 20 are really durable so you will get plenty of wear from them.

Thanks to Love Your Legs for sending us the sample.

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