Tuesday, 26 February 2019

New additions to Wolford's Aurora Range

We recently reviewed two items from the new Wolford Cradle to Cradle® Collection: biodegradable skin-wear products that have a safe biological lifecycle.

Wolford Aurora Leggings

The Aurora Leggings review will be updated shortly, as we now have them in the L size.

Wolford Aurora Pullover

In creating the Cradle to Cradle® Collection Wolford is tackling waste, leading to a sustainable circular economy where all elements used are kept in an endless life cycle. The fabric used is made of three fibres, all of which are able to biodegrade without any harmful substances being released.

The new additions to the Wolford Aurora range are:

The Wolford Aurora Top

The Wolford Aurora Shirt

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  1. Two more essential designs suitable for men.
    More colors would be appreciated.