Monday, 22 July 2013

Reviewed: Cindy 30 Denier Semi-Sheer Tights

Hosiery For Men recently published a feature on Legwear International and an interview with Kirsten Taylor, their Product Development and Marketing Manager.

Legwear International kindly sent me several styles of tights to trial and review. I have already published a review of the Couture Future 10 Denier Tights.

We now turn our attention to the Cindy 30 Denier Semi-Sheer Tights.

Materials and features

The Cindy 30 Denier Semi-Sheer Tights are packaged quite simply. The tights are folded around a card rectangle and then wrapped in a clear plastic sleeve. This is then enclosed in a rectangular box. The rear of the packaging provides information on sizing and fabric.

These tights are made with 100% Nylon.

Legs are straight. Toes are lightly reinforced.

Seams are conventional throughout. The Extra Large size has a comfort rear panel. Although the packaging states 'reinforced body', I found these tights to be sheer to waist apart from a slightly denser reinforcement band at the top of the legs.

The waistband is 2.5cm wide.

The fabric feels very smooth and soft. Appearance is matt throughout. There is almost no shine at all. These tights are indeed semi-sheer. They do not provide opaque coverage, but do a pretty good job of covering leg hair.

Fit and sizing

The Cindy 30 Denier Semi-Sheer Tights are available in three sizes: Medium, Large and Extra Large.

I tested the Extra Large size.

The packaging states that the Extra large size would fit up to 5'10", but I feel this size would stretch much further and would even accommodate quite tall people. There is a huge amount of stretch.

Having no Lycra/Elastane content, these tights will not cling and hug the legs. They feel quite light and airy when worn, with no feeling of compression.

I found them to be perfectly comfortable. They were easy to put on and felt as if they would be quite robust and hard-wearing.

The brief/panty has loads of room and can stretch way above the waist and hips is required.

Colour range

The Cindy 30 Denier Semi-Sheer Tights are available in four shades:
  • American Tan
  • Barely Black
  • Paloma Mink
  • Sahara
I tested a pair in the American Tan shade.

Price and availability

The Cindy 30 Denier Semi-Sheer Tights are priced at £2.29 for the Medium and Large sizes, and £2.49 for the Extra Large Size.

Considering the bargain price they retail at, the Cindy 30 Denier Semi-Sheer Tights do not have any of the features one almost expects in tights now - Lycra fibre, flat seams etc.

However, they are not a bad product at all. They are comfortable, easy to wear and widely available in supermarkets, corner shops and other outlets. My local Costcutter supermarket always has an impressive range of Cindy tights on display.

The high amount of stretch would also make these suitable for taller and larger guys, and some might also prefer the slightly looser fit and lack of compression.

Finally, it felt quite nostalgic to trial these tights. The American Tan shade is much less visible these days, but those of us who grew up in the 70s and 80s will remember it well. It was also quite pleasant to once again wear some tights without Lycra for the feeling of what tights used to be like.

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  1. These tights are made with 100% Nylon.
    not necessary to read further,that's why i never buy "british" tights,because after half an hour of walking your tights hanging on the knees. :) no offence