Monday 22 July 2013

Spotlight on Glamory Part 1

The German hosiery retailer Glamory recently launched a new range of tights for men: Glamory For Men.

Hosiery For Men recently interviewed Manuela Sommer of Glamory Hosiery.

In the first part of this feature, Manuela discusses the background to the new Glamory men's range and how it was developed. Part 2 will be published shortly.

Can you provide Hosiery for Men readers with some background information about Glamory? What is the history of the brand?
We led the brand management for several Italian hosiery brands for more than 10 years. For almost five years we have worked to develop and improve styles of hosiery in plus sizes and as a result we deliberately designed the Glamory collection. The name Glamory stands for fashion consciousness, innovativeness and versatile hosiery up to size 64 (UK 36).

Why did Glamory decide to develop a range of tights for men?
We are of the opinion that tights are also part of men's fashion. That's why we have designed a new line of pantyhose and tights for men. For men there are plenty of reasons to wear tights, too. To warm the legs on cold days, for sports activities, for the prevention of leg complaints or simply to enjoy the comfort of wearing them.

Did you undertake any particular research when planning the men's tights range? We monitored the hosiery market for a long time and this aspect has been treated neglected by many. We take the wishes and needs of the men seriously and have developed for the launch of the Glamory For Men range two styles of conventional tights and two styles of support tights.

Do you feel that tights for men are becoming more popular? Is this a particular trend in the Germany?
Tights for men are not a newly emerging trend and this is also not related to a specific country. Men's tights have always been popular, but it's a topic that is not spoken about openly. Our new collection has already generated a huge response in many European countries and I am sure will increase in popularity. It is time for the retail trade to recognise that men want to buy these items in stores.

When developing the Glamory range of tights for men, what were the specific needs you took into account? Did you look carefully at issues such as sizing and fit?
Our main focus and priority is always comfort. In this respect, the men's range was considered in the same way as the Glamory My Size range for women.

Our hosiery collections pay close attention to sizing and anatomical needs. We have therefore ensured that the men's range is available in a wide range of sizes that cater for men's requirements. Before you make your first purchase of Glamory hosiery, take a careful look at our sizing chart.

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  1. Great article. Too bad they are only selling packs online.

  2. Thanks for the article, and input from Glamory I hope they make a success of their efforts to bring mens hosiery into its right place on a shelf and unashamed.


  3. Like you say, men's tights have always been popular in Europe. The problem is we need to start talking about it, wear them openly and with pride and as often as possible. We need to get the movement in motion. I wear them a lot get many compliments when I do. It's time for men's legwear to become mainstream once and for all. So put on your tights; get your friends to see how great your legs look and ask questions; and show em' what you've got! I even where them under my jeans, slack, and shorts when I blog. I'm GlindaTheGoodBitch from where you'll find me Bitching About All Things Worth Bitching About™!

  4. I think the 2-part interview is excellent and was conducted with "shear" perfection, pardon the pun! However, the honest and most simplest of all reasons was not mentioned... the men who wear them do so because we like the way they look and above all how they feel on our legs. And when it comes down to it, what's wrong with that? Absolutely nothing! WEAR 'EM WITH THEM, FELLAS!