Tuesday 23 July 2013

Spotlight on Glamory Part 2

Hosiery For Men recently interviewed Manuela Sommer of Glamory Hosiery, who have just launched a new Glamory For Men range of men's tights.

You can still read Part 1 of this feature here.

In Part 2, Manuela discusses some of the advantages and benefits of tights, including those specifically designed for men. She also provides more information about the men's range and how to purchase it.

Many men continue to buy tights that are designed and made for women. What do you feel are the advantages of tights that are made specifically for men? 

Women's tights are really only be a temporary solution for men. Men will want an item tailored for them and if that is available they can buy with more confidence. The design and construction will be better adapted to the men's sizes, as well as to the their anatomy.

For men who are thinking of trying tights, what do you think are the particular benefits of wearing them?

As already mentioned, there are plenty of reasons. Many men like wearing them under trousers. Also for sporting activities tights can be useful. But there may also be health reasons: support tights help to prevent venous leg problems and support vein function by constantly decreasing pressure upwards from ankle.

How successful has the range been so far since you launched it? Are any of the styles selling particularly well? 

Our men's collection has only just been launched. The Glamory For Men range includes both conventional and support tights that are suitable for everyday wear.

We analyse the market carefully and welcome any feedback on our products in both the My Size and For Men collections. The Glamory For Men products came onto the market only at the beginning of July 2013. So far we have received a large number of responses which we are very grateful for. Please continue giving us feedback.

How can men buy tights from the For Men range?

Glamory men's tights are currently available mainly from internet retailers and in some retail stores.

However, they can also be ordered directly with free shipping from the Glamory website.

What developments can we expect in the future at Glamory? Are you planning to develop any new styles for men?
We are working continuously to be innovative and improve our products. In relation to men's tights area we are planning further products that will be launched in the future. A range of fashionable patterned tights is being planned. 

Many thanks Manuela for speaking to Hosiery For Men. I am sure readers will find this feature both informative and useful. It is always great news when a new range of men's tights become available and I hope that the For Men collection is successful. We look forward to reviewing some of the range shortly.

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