Monday, 17 December 2018


Today we share further findings from our MEN BUYING TIGHTS survey.

The second question we asked in the survey was:

When buying tights which styles do you mostly prefer? 

Here is a summary of your responses:

A clear trend showing here: you preferred sheer and semi-opaque tights overall.

Guys are also buying opaque tights, and a preference is shown for 50-60 denier styles.

Heavier opaques (70-100 denier, and 100+ denier) are also popular.

Nearly a third of men are buying support or compression hosiery. This is not surprising as, like women, many off us spend long periods standing or sitting

Another interesting finding is that almost a third of men like buying patterned tights. When you see the incredible range of patterned styles available now, it might not be that surprising.

Hosiery brands take note of all of this!

Here is a selection of your additional comments:

Typically 20-30 denier with a pattern or shine.

I like having the option of footed or footless, it gives you a choice depending on the activity, whether for work, working out or casual wear.

Ultra-sheer feel great but only on freshly-shaved legs, which I'm just too lazy too maintain; low durability. Regular sheer and semi-opaque provide a nice combination of light weight, cosmetics, and durability. Opaque tights for warmth and support.


Full four season range, from 5 denier to cotton, pure new wool, cashmere/silk, depending on temperature.

Fleece-lined tights.

Wool/cotton tights.

Depends whether worn under trousers/leggings/jeggings, then I prefer glossy semi-opaque. When worn on their own with a long t-shirt or jumper at home, I prefer high denier opaques.

Semi opaque with reinforced toe, sole, heel.

I usually only wear sheer to waist and have found them to be quite comfortable and secure and always stay in place.


I am not really into patterns but I do like ribbed tights and argyle patterns (like those on the Adrian tights).

I really like 100% nylon plain knit tights that don't have any Lycra as these are so much more comfy. I once had some tights made by Pretty Polly 5 denier tights 100% nylon and they were incredible just how thin they were. I buy 10 and 15 denier plain knit tights in multi packs and 1 pair packs and I like to wear work trousers or normal trousers over them lovely feel.

40 denier are ideal as they are soft enough to give the feel of sheer tights but I can wear them without socks without giving the game away

I like all styles but do like tights to be footed as it helps keep the feet warm and only requires one pair of socks over them on cold days for an extra layer. I find socks can make my feet cold due to the elastic grip at the top of them reducing circulation, wearing 2 pairs of socks therefore defeats the benefits for me. Tights are great as there is no elastic and they also don't fall down.


  1. My personal favorite is Wolfords neon 40 tights in Gobi.

  2. Wolfords neon 40 tights feel wonderful under my pants. I had a clotting problem and since wearing my pantyhose, I haven't had any issues